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Here are Our Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About Auto Accident Medical Care.

A: Many people involved in minor fender bender accidents or even serious accidents assume they don’t need medical attention because their injuries are not obvious.

If you don’t see blood or have cuts and bruises, don’t assume you are fine.

When you are in an auto accident, anything could happen. Just because you can’t see the injury doesn’t mean the injury isn’t there.

Hidden injuries like concussions, internal bleeding, whiplash, and internal organ injuries can occur with minor car accidents.

The weight from a 4000-5000lb car crashing into your vehicle even at low speed transfers tremendous force towards you because your body weighs much less.

Assuming that you are ‘fine’ can be dangerous because the injuries you sustain can get worse when they are left untreated.

It is always safer to see a doctor following an accident.

Call or text us at (602) 632-0000 for an appointment today at our Injury Clinic.

You pay NOTHING. No health-insurance needed.

A: You pay nothing! We work exclusively off Medical Liens, meaning that we send our bills to Auto-Insurance Companies.

Billing through Auto-Insurance means that it doesn’t matter if you have a high deductible, or don’t have health insurance at all.

From start to finish, you won’t be asked to pull out your wallet to cover any of the cost.

If you have an attorney, we will work with them to ensure you get the best care and ultimately get the most for your settlement.

We also accept Worker’s compensation insurance for work related accidents.

A: Most medical and legal professionals would advise you to get checked out by a medical doctor right away.

You have nothing to lose by seeing a doctor after an accident but everything to gain.

You will be better off taking the time to see the doctor now only to find out it is not dangerous rather than waiting till you feel the pain and then discover that you are seriously injured.

Furthermore, if you think a lawsuit might be filed against the insurance company of the at-fault-driver, medical records that show injuries are most helpful when they are documented immediately after the accident occurs.

A: Many people wait until the day after an accident to see a doctor because this is when they realize that they are hurt or things don’t feel right.

This is usually a sign there is something going on that is more than meets the eye.

It is common to wake up in the morning after an accident having not slept well because of the pain and soreness.

But be aware that some symptoms like concussion, whiplash, and other muscle injuries can sometimes take a few days (and sometimes weeks) to appear.

It is usually reasonable to see the doctor the day after the accident but you should always immediately see the doctor once you develop new symptoms.

A: Some Urgent Care facilities will not see patients after a car accident because almost all Health-Insurance companies will deny the bill if there is another party that is responsible for payment – such as an Auto-Insurance company.

If the Urgent Care is willing to see patients after a car accident, you will still have to pay your usual health insurance deductible and copay even if it wasn't your fault.

Most Urgent Care facilities are not set-up to bill the Auto-Insurance companies.

Call us today and we can treat your pain for $0 out-of-pocket cost because we will bill the Auto-Insurance companies.

A: Many primary care doctors won’t see patients injured in a car collision because most doctor’s offices are not set up to bill car insurance companies.

Most health insurance companies will not pay for medical care after a car accident because another party is responsible for the accident such as a car insurance company.

Some doctors feel uncomfortable treating such injuries because they could be called to testify in the case at a later date.

A: Many people have problems with memory and concentration after a car accident due damage to their brain, also known as a Concussion.

Damage to the brain is common due to simple physics. If a football athlete can get a Concussion/brain injury when another 250lb person runs into them at a low speed of 10 mph, imagine the severe damage caused by a 5000lb car crashing into them at the same low speed of 10 mph.

When you get hit by another car, your brain moves in one direction.

When your head rebounds back onto the car-seat headrest from whiplash, your brain takes another hit.

The brain bounces back and forth inside the skull like a ping-pong creating further damage to your brain.

Better to get yourself checked out by a M.D. or D.O. doctor trained to look for concussions.

A: To maximize your case settlement as well as maximize the quality of your care, the doctor leading your care should have the highest credentials such as an M.D. or D.O. doctor of medicine.

Since Auto-Insurance is paying your medical bills, you might as well get treated by the most qualified professional as possible.

It doesn't cost you any more to get treated by the best, so don't settle for a less qualified person.

You should expect to be treated by an M.D. or D.O. doctor of medicine who has completed at least 3 years of training after medical school and who has passed a national test for Board-Certification.

A doctor that lacks Board Certification means that the years required for training were not finished or the Final test was not passed.

Don't take a chance with someone who didn't complete their training or couldn't pass a national test.

The M.D. or D.O. doctor that you choose will then quarterback and lead your care by coordinating with various professionals as appropriate. Your team may consist of professional with the following credentials:

– Doctor of Medicine = M.D. or D.O. who will lead the team

– Chiropractor = D.C.

– Physical Therapist = P.T. or D.P.T.

– Nurse Practitioner = N.P. or D.N.P or F.N.P. or A.N.P.

– Physician Assistant = P.A. or P.A.-C

– Naturopath = N.M.D.

– other medical doctor specialists such as Neurologist, Orthopedic surgeons, Neurosurgeons, etc…

A: Don’t automatically assume it is your fault.

If the facts of your accident are in dispute, then you need an attorney who better understands the law to fight for you.

We work with many attorneys who can offer a free consultation to see if you have a case that can be argued in your favor.

Additionally, most comprehensive auto insurance plans have a medical benefit that will pay for the doctor bills with NO out-of-pocket cost from you.

Call us and we will help you figure out what benefits you have.

A: If you don't know which attorney to choose, then trust your doctor to guide you.

We have worked with thousands of injury cases with most of the attorneys in town and can give you insider's advice on who has done a good job and who to avoid.

Beware, a good advertisement does not equal a good attorney.

Your doctor will remain neutral in helping you choose the right attorney for your circumstances.

The doctor will get paid standard medical fees even with an average attorney.

However, a top-tier attorney can negotiate thousands of dollars more for your pocket.

A: All the attorneys we work with do not charge any upfront fees.

The attorney only gets paid if they win for you.

The whole team that cares for you including: the medical doctor, attorney, chiropractor, etc…will not cost you any money out-of-pocket because Auto-Insurance pays your bills.

You pay NOTHING!

A: Hiring an attorney doesn't cost you any out-of-pocket cost because the Auto-Insurance companies pays the attorney fees from the settlement.

It might appear that you are saving money in the short-term without an attorney but you might be losing money in the long-run if you can't maximize the settlement against the Insurance company.

It is more likely that an experienced attorney will negotiate a better settlement than yourself.

After all, attorneys have spent years in school to learn about the law & your rights and have negotiated thousands of case to learn the tricks of the Auto-Insurance companies.

Most people have limited experience negotiating with Insurance companies.

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